Oath Forger (Book 1)
OATH FORGER, Chapter 3
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    Chapter Three     In the morning, when our rescuers come into the cafeteria, Agent Woman is with them once again. Excellent. Just the person I wanted to see. I swallow the food in my mouth and wipe my lips. “I hope she’s going to give us some explanations,” Jess says next to me, still as unenthusiastic about the green slime as she’d been the night before. “She needs to tell us what’s going to happen with us.” I rise to my feet to walk to the agents and talk to them, but before I can take as much as a single step, Agent Woman points to a man from the Cleveland Colony in the corner. He’d been in the room with Jess and me last night, graying at the temples, distinguished looking. We hadn’t talked. I don’t know anything about him. Then the agent points to a fierce-looking black woman almost directly behind me. Then a younger guy, spindly and spotted with zits, in the middle of the room. Then at me. Jess grabs my arm, pulling me back. She has to let go when agents stride over to collect the chosen four. Shit. I did want…

OATH FORGER, Chapter 1
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Copyright © 2018, Nia Mars. Please don’t copy and share.     I’m a scavenger. So what? With society’s collapse on Earth, I do what I have to for survival. Especially after I’m kidnapped by space pirates. I have no idea why the five most powerful rulers in the universe decide that I’m the Oath Forger, the one foretold to fuse their royal houses together and bring peace. But I’m going to play along. Because, hey, it’s better than probes in uncomfortable places. Now let’s just hope they don’t find out I’m lying. Chapter One     Cancer didn’t kill my mother. The common cold did. When she was already weakened by cancer. It’s the same when people say aliens destroyed Earth—pure bullshit. We destroyed Earth. Earth was in a system-wide failure by the time the aliens came. We used up our resources and didn’t have enough left to fight the invasion. “Ava!” When I raise my head but don’t see Lily, my heart lurches so hard it hurts. My sister is all I have I left. I run forward in the abandoned shopping center, my boots echoing off the ruins. We are in a section newly uncovered by a weeklong, fierce…

I have a publishing schedule!!! For real, this time :-)
Nia Mars , sci-fi romance / February 6, 2018

I’m so excited, I’m singing ‘Let’s get this party started,’ and the dog is looking at me as if I’ve lost my mind. I have a publishing schedule! OATH FORGER 1 — Feb, 27 OATH FORGER 2 — Mar 6 WARLORD — Mar 6 OATH FORGER 3 –Mar 13 OATH FORGER 4 — Mar 20 DRAGON LORD — Mar 20 OATH FORGER 5 — Mar 27

Author Photo
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  Playing around with my author photo. I am trying to use some fancy filters. What would look good for a sci-fi author? I think this one’s not too bad.

Working on my own cover today
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 I think I like the lettering lower on the cover, but don’t want to have the red dots over the hero’s image. I sooo wish I had some graphic design talent.