Oath Forger (Book 1)


February 19, 2018

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Another day, another planet conquered. Except this time, instead of sending intergalactic warlord Lukar Xon off to the next war, the Emperor gifts him with a governorship and a princess.

Meela is the heir to a fallen kingdom. She is the conqueror’s prize. But she will bow to no one. Certainly not to a barbarian! She might have to surrender her body to the beast, but she will not surrender her heart.

Let the bedroom games begin!

“Too hot to handle. My husband would like to thank the author for the creation of this story. LOL.”

“I’ve fallen hard. Fast-paced and supremely entertaining.”

–This is a standalone, steamy sci-fi romance. The hero is an intergalactic warlord who takes what he wants. If that kind of fantasy doesn’t appeal to you, you might not enjoy this story.

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