Oath Forger (Book 1)

    Chapter Three     In the morning, when our rescuers come into the cafeteria, Agent Woman is with them once again. Excellent. Just the person I wanted to see. I swallow the food in my mouth and wipe my lips. “I hope she’s going to give us some explanations,” Jess says next to me, still as unenthusiastic about the green slime as she’d been the night before. “She needs to tell us what’s going to happen with us.” I rise to ...

Chapter Two     The second I come to, I grab for my weapon. I hit an empty holster and swear. I dropped the damn thing on the way up. Without pause, I go for the knife in my boot, eyes darting around for any imminent threat. I’m ready to go at some alien bastards. Where the hell are they? I’m surrounded by humans, about a hundred other victims. The low vibrations of large engines fill the air, muffling the worried noises that come fr...

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Copyright © 2018, Nia Mars. Please don’t copy and share.     I’m a scavenger. So what? With society’s collapse on Earth, I do what I have to for survival. Especially after I’m kidnapped by space pirates. I have no idea why the five most powerful rulers in the universe decide that I’m the Oath Forger, the one foretold to fuse their royal houses together and bring peace. But I’m going to play along. Because, hey, it’s better than...

I’m so excited, I’m singing ‘Let’s get this party started,’ and the dog is looking at me as if I’ve lost my mind. I have a publishing schedule! OATH FORGER 1 — Feb, 27 OATH FORGER 2 — Mar 6 WARLORD — Mar 6 OATH FORGER 3 –Mar 13 OATH FORGER 4 — Mar 20 DRAGON LORD — Mar 20 OATH FORGER 5 — Mar 27

Woo hoo! I’m now close enough, I think, to announce an actual release month. Jan. 2018. This is a BIG step forward!

 I like the star map quality of the first one, but I think it’s too dark. I’ll probably go with #2. Sadly, WordPress won’t let me add it to my acct as official author photo. It sends me to Gravatar, but Gravatar won’t recognize my WordPress log-in. !@#$%^!!

I’m still not happy with the cover, but moved on to working on the blurb:   An intergalactic warlord fresh from the fight, he’s looking forward to a nice break before the next war. He has no idea what to do with the governorship and the princess he receives as reward. He’s a rough and tough beast. He’s a space warrior. He doesn’t know the first thing about planet living or princesses. All he knows is that she’s his, and he’s never g...

I’d like to do  something fun. So not a straight pic, but a fun filter. These are my top choices so far:

  Playing around with my author photo. I am trying to use some fancy filters. What would look good for a sci-fi author? I think this one’s not too bad.

Author Photo
Nia Mars , Uncategorized / October 4, 2017

  Playing around with my author photo. I am trying to use some fancy filters. What would look good for a sci-fi author? I think this one’s not too bad.

Working on my own cover today
Covers , Nia Mars / October 4, 2017

 I think I like the lettering lower on the cover, but don’t want to have the red dots over the hero’s image. I sooo wish I had some graphic design talent.

My new favorite RH cover
Nia Mars , Reverse Harem / October 3, 2017

I looove the cover of Emma Dawn’s Harem of Fangs. Why? It makes me want to be the heroine in the book. For one: stunning dress!!! AND she has a harem of fangs waiting. This girl definitely has things going for her! LOL